Vastu Tips For Store Room

Vastu for Store Room-Store Room are an essential part of a flat or a building. In Vastu Shastra Store
room plays a vital role. Store rooms are generally regarded as a storage place for useless things. But in
reality and practical sense, a store room shows your idea of adjustment and usability. The more the
number of junk items in a store room, the less becomes your ability to use and reuse things. Hence, it is
always desirable to keep things away from the store rooms as much as possible. The storeroom is the
place for junk things and the room should be such that it should not increase the junk things. If placed in
wrong place, the number of junk things will increase and it can be permanent also. Vastu Shastra Store
room helps a lot in achieving this goal as the science restricts the forces which are responsible for the
accumulation of things which can be useful, in the store room. Here are some of the basics of Vastu
Shastra for Store room, which if implemented, can change your store room into a useful storage house
and restrict the permanent stay of an item there.


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