Vastu Tips For Store Room

The color chosen in store room should be tints of white, yellow or blue. A picture of Lord Vishnu must be
placed on the Eastern wall of store room. Make sure if there is a provision of water in store room then it
must be kept in pitchers or vessels. At Northeast always try to keep a pitcher or vessel filled with
drinking water. Water vessels should always be with water, it should not be empty. Store the flammable
materials like kerosene, cooking gas cylinder, and other fuel used for cooking purposes in the Southeast.
Oil, butter and ghee should be stored in between the South and Southeast. Sunlight and solar heat will
keep them pure. Store annual stock of granary in South-west corner while daily use grains must be
stored in North-west direction of Vastu Shastra for Store room. Door should preferably be in the North
or East direction. Please note that for Southeast direction kitchens, there should be no door in the
Southwest direction. Place a window in the North, East or West direction. White, blue or yellow are the
desirable color’s of the tiles and the walls. He is the lord deity of survival. Using color is not important in
Vastu Shastra for store room. The space for storage of waste should have minimum floor area. It should
remain as heavy as possible. It is the ideal place for storing heavy material. The door of the lumber room
should be in the North or east direction. It should be made of one shutter or door. Lumber room door
can be of lesser height than other doors of the building. Windows in the lumber room are required,
otherwise bad smells may form and it may harm when some body enters into the room so at least one
window will be better to have in the East or North direction, west direction window is also not bad.
There should not be any dampness or cracks in the walls as per Vastu Shastra for Store room. The
flooring should be even throughout. The Southwest room or store room floor high it should always be
height or elevated from all other floor levels in the entire compound wall. Any construction defect
should be immediately repaired, late action may damage further structure


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