Vastu Tips For Shop

Vaastu Shastra for Shop-Vastu Shastra is also applied on shop construction so Vastu Shastra for Shop is
very important, it is now applied even to shop construction and placement of goods in it. In olden days
there was not much inkling in people towards making grand profits. In fact they used to exchange things
with each other in accordance to what each person’s requirements were. Now profit is forefront in
every businessman’s mind. Today money has become the core of the freedom for whatever man wants
to do! A system has come into existence on how to make the best profits. This causes a lot of stress on
the shopkeepers due to competitiveness.

The international standard is North is always up. Based on this, all the floor maps and floor plans
prepared compass direction that North shows top. Many residents ran to take the North facing shops
without vastu experts opinions as Vastu Shastra for Shop. Vastu Shastra for Shop To overcome stress or
to totally avoid it, and to have peace while making profit, shopkeepers are falling back on Vastu Shastra,
the science that gives them direction to accomplish their goal. Vastu Shastra for Shop for North Facing
Shops. Vastu Shastra for Shop for north facing shop In North facing shops where should owner has to sit.
If there is huge North road, then this may not be giving any bad results to the owner. If the stocks are
heavy then owner may occupy the Northeast corner otherwise he should not occupy the Northeast
areas. Many rules were changed based on the stocks and huge road, less stocks, small road etc, based
on the exact facts of the property owner has to select the place to sit, here one expert vastu guru can
guide them.


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