Vastu Tips For Mandir

Vastu for Mandir-The Mandir should be located in the Eshanya Kona Deva Moola of the home and work
place. In our country, worship place is considered the most important part of the house. It is very
important of people to do pooja on daily basis. And this is the only reason that people have different
worship places in their house. But are definite way to place, sculptures and photographs in well manner
in the temple of your house, which is prescribed by Vaastu Shastra. You should also take special care of
these rules in the worshiping in the house .It is very necessary to correct the direction of the house.
Vastu Shastra for Mandir in the house should be in the north-east direction. It should be on the east or
north side. The house of worship should never be inside the bedroom at home. Apart from this, the
worship room should never be above or below the bathroom. As the old saying goes “Home is where
the heart is.” Many of us are attached to our homes and we would naturally want our home to be a
positive environment that engenders good qualities and constructive activities. However, the kind of
home we live in can be very different based on our lifestyle. Depending on where we live, how our
house is built, how we maintain it, how we live in it, etc., our home can give off different spiritual
vibrations. Vastu Shastra for Mandir as per our spiritual research has shown that we can improve the
spiritual vibrations of our homes through different methods one of which is spiritual cleansing. This can
have many positive effects such as increased financial security, improved relationships between those
living in the home, more happiness among the residents and less obstacles to spiritual practice done by
those in the home. Vastu Shastra for Mandir the photos and idols of God should be facing Poorav disha
or Paschim disha either the devotee performing Puja should face Poorav disha or God’s photo and
moorti should face Poorav disha. Do not create overhead cabinets or cupboards above the Temple /


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