Vastu Tips For Mandir

Vastu Shastra for Mandir north-east corner is the place of origination of pure energy, from where it
flows through the whole house. Thus, pooja room / mandir in this zone help in flowing the energy
smoothly through every corner of the house. The effect of lightening diya, vibrations of bells, chanting of
mantras, hawan etc. in this zone makes it even more stronger. Vastu Shastra for Mandir One of the
practical reason of keeping mandir here is that since this zone is the origin of energy, keeping mandir
here makes us keep the place clean and clutter free enabling pure energy to flow easily thus also
providing clarity of mind to the residents. According to vastu shastra for temple should be built very
carefully because it gives you positive energy and peace when you doing worship. Your temple should
be placed in the east direction or north or north east but should not be in south direction of house it
would welcome negative energy in your house. According to the Vastu Shastra for Mandir, North-East
corner considered to be the most preferred place to place the temple or make the pooja room. Vastu
Shastra for Mandir as it is the most sacred place where one devotes his trust, hopes etc completely to
the almighty. This direction is recognized as the most powerful and energetic direction wherefrom the
magnetic energy of the earth is generated. In hindi it is called as Ishaan corner or the corner for Ishwar
or God.


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