Vastu Tips for Kitchen

No matter if the house is big or small, well-furnished or not, there are three rooms in every house which are important. A bedroom, a living room and a kitchen are the most important rooms in any house. The bedroom is for relaxation and sleep while the living room is a place where family and friends come together and rejoice and the kitchen is the place where food is cooked. No person can cook food in any room as fire is involved while cooking. Kitchen represents fire element and having a good, well-maintained, clean and fresh kitchen attracts Fire God in the house who has the power to burn all the negativity and fulfil any lack in the house.


Vastu Shastra suggests that a kitchen made using Vastu tips brings luck, contentment, abundance and wealth in the family. It is the source of happiness and joy which burns away all the harmful vibrations and evil from the house. Constructing a kitchen according to the rules given in Vastu Shastra has always been beneficial for the family from ages.

Why is it important to construct the Kitchen according to Vastu Shastra?

  • To evade health related problems like lethal diseases, death, unwanted allergies and illness.
  • To stay away from financial losses like bankruptcy, deterioration, etc.
  • To steer clear of family disputes like divorce, separation, etc

Let’s have a look at some of the Vastu Tips for the kitchen and invite Fire God in the house:

  • Location for the Kitchen: Kitchen reflects the soul of the family and forms an integral part of the house. It has the power to enhance the aura of the house if placed in the right corner. The ideal location to construct a kitchen according to Vastu Shastra is a South-east corner of the kitchen. This corner is considered the best as all the elements of fire are governed from this corner. In case, south-east corner is not available; then the next best option is the north-west corner of the house.
  • Placement of Gas Stove: Kitchen is not called kitchen without a gas stove. It is the place where food is cooked, and the best place to fix the gas stove is again in Southeast direction. The elements of fire placed in this direction works the best that is why it is advisable to cook facing east side of the kitchen.
  • Placement of Sink and Taps: A sink and taps are installed in the kitchen to make it easy to use water for different purposes. Water is used in the kitchen for cooking, cleaning and washing of dishes. Placing sinks and taps in the kitchen indicate water flow and installing them in the North-east direction and away from a gas stove is the best-suited option. Water and fire are repelling elements and keeping them away from each other are the best.

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