Vastu Tips for Health

Everybody is well aware of the famous saying “Health is Wealth”. Everyone works hard to lead a life they dream of a big house, cars, money and a perfect life partner. But, in this rush to lead a perfect life, people often end up getting ill and catch diseases which take away all the money in medicines. When illness enters life, life becomes dull and boring; people feel depressed and want just to get rid of medicines forever. But, sometimes when diseases are chronic, it becomes impossible to lead a life without medicines and pain killers. But, only some people understand that every problem is associated with a source which is hidden in the directions, hints and placements. Every situation that occurs in a person’s life is attracted from the universe.

But, does that mean there is no solution? How to stay healthy and lead a happy life by putting the universe in sync? Is there any science that comes up with the best solution to stay healthy, wealthy and wise?

Yes, as it is said, every problem comes with a solution; similarly, there is a science of Architecture that contributes towards a better health and lifestyle. Every person in this world has a dream to construct a dream house, but sometimes often people say ‘’the day they entered the house, health issues started.’’

How can a house be a reason behind health issues? Sounds weird, isn’t it?

But, According to Vastu Shastra, the science of architecture, constructing a house in a right manner is very important. Constructing a place in sync with directions, right placements and right products bring wisdom, harmony, wealth, health and happiness whereas if the things are wrong, then get ready to face troubles. Vastu Shastra brings some great tips on Health, which lead to a happy, prosperous and healthy life.

So, let’s have a look at the Vastu Tips on Health and bid adieu to negativity, diseases and medicines forever:

  • Avoid Overhead Beams: Beams may be direct or indirect, overhead or kept aside are always bad for health. Beams are known to be bad for vision and also create unnecessary pressure on minds. Vastu advises avoiding overhead beams in the house, especially in the bedroom to stay at peace, keep vision strong and maintaining good health.
  • Balancing the Elements: There are many elements like air, water, soil and fire that govern the body and mind. Vastu says to keep a check on the fire element otherwise it can create an imbalance in health and life. If the house is in the south direction, then balancing the fire elements is crucial to keep major health related problems away.


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