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Having Kitchen in the North-East corner of your home? If you answered that “YES”, then you are not alone. There are many instances where a kitchen is, wrongly or carelessly, placed in North-East corner of a home rather than South-East. Whatever be the reason of placing kitchen in North-East corner, the fact that North-East kitchen is inauspicious remains intact.

Reason for considering North-East kitchen inauspicious is attributed to a fact that North-East is God’s corner and hence called as Eshan corner.

Is Kitchen in North East ReallySave Being God’s corner, the North-East part of a home is charged with positive and constructive energies, and a kitchen in this portion tends to burn and transform this positive energy to negative. This negative energy then flows throughout a house having severe and (obviously) negative effects on residents.

Want to know how this negative energy effects people occupying a home?

We have compiled a list of common problems and side effects associated with North-East kitchen.

North-East Kitchen: Common Problems and Side Effects
1. Financial Problems: Whatever money that comes in is spent on unwanted expenses i.e. a lot of money gets wasted.
2. Cluttered House: Kitchen in North-East never allows a house to be clean and clutter free, the house always looks like a mess. This even has negative impact on financial health of occupants.
3. Study: Students won’t be able to concentrate on studies. No matter how much efforts they put in, their results remain mediocre.
4. Marriage: Arranging a marriage becomes a herculean task as marriages get broken without any reason.
5. Health: People who earn money and aged residents, always suffer from health ailments. This leads to enormous hospital bills and expenses.
6. Sadness for Women: It has been noticed that women in these houses are always worried and sad.

As you might be aware that each and every defect in vastu has certain remedies and North-East kitchen is not an exception. Below is a list of remedies and tips which you can follow to eliminate or at-least reduce the ill effects of this defect.

North-East Kitchen: Vastu Remedies and Tips

1. Keep the gas stove in the South-East corner of present kitchen.
2. Keep the North-East portion of the kitchen empty, clean and clutter free. If possible, slope the building towards North-East corner.
3. If there is any window in North-East part then keep it open at all times. Also, if you can, then provide an exhaust fan (make a round hole in the wall).
4. If possible, extend North-East side of kitchen either to East or North. Make pooja/prayer room or wash area in this extended portion.
5. If extension is not possible then, place the image of Goddess Annapurna in the North-East corner. You can also place a pyramid here.
6. Change the color of kitchen walls to blue or lemon yellow shade.
7. Whatever room is in the South-East corner (the actual place of kitchen), place a table or stool in the South-East corner of that room. Boil milk or cook something daily. This creates an semblance of an auxiliary kitchen in the appropriate place.
8. Place Siddha Vastu Kalash in North-East and worship God Shiva daily.
9. Hang 3 bronze bowls (in upside down position) near the ceiling of the kitchen. Hang 1st bowl at the NE corner, the 2nd tow


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