Vaastu tips for pooja room by deepak pandey

Vaastu for Pooja Room

Every creation is the most precious part of its creator, so are always knit together. Similarly this universe is one of the best creations of God and we humans can knit ourselves with our creator by the means of worship, faith and trust. To strengthen this connection we generally keep a separate room in our houses known as pooja room or Mandir. Here we enrich ourselves with positive vibrations and energize our mind , body and soul. Therefore it is must for us to adhere with vaastu for pooja room to keep all negativity at an arms distance from this room.

According to Pooja room Vastu, one of the most auspicious and sacred room should be in placed in the North, East or Northeast corner of the house. Some other pooja room vastu tips are as below:

  • Ground floor is always preferred to build pooja place.
  • We should always face towards East or North while worshipping.
  • The height of idol of God should be ranging between two to nine inches. While worshipping, legs of the idol and person’s chest should be on same level depending on the position, whether sitting or standing.
  • Nothing should be kept above the shelve or slap where God’s idol is placed.
  • A worshipping room should never be made in a bedroom or on a wall adjacent to the bathroom
  • One should always enter pooja room after washing his hands and legs properly.
  • Use of only copper vessels is advisable within pooja room.
  • Color of walls in pooja room should be light like white, lemon or light blue and the marble used should be white in order to maintain tranquil ambiance all around.
  • Doors and windows should be placed in north or east direction in puja room.
  • The Agnikund should be placed in southeast direction and sacred offerings to fire should be made facing towards east in worship room.
  • It is considered very auspicious to have a pyramid shaped roof of pooja room.
  • Pooja room should never be below or next to any washroom or kitchen.
  • No broken idol should be placed in pooja room.
  • Placing pictures of passed away people in this room should be avoided.
  • Air should flow freely in all the directions around the idol so they should be placed a bit away from walls and above ground level.

Positivity helps us to face the biggest challenges of life with smile and courage. No place is better than a prayer room to gain it. Keeping all these points in mind while construction will enrich you and your house with positivity, energy and happiness. Pooja room vaastu restricts the entry of any negative energy in your home sweet home.


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